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  • Pop Rocks 5 Packets~ Popping Candy ~ Peppermint Flavor


    Pop Rocks founded in 1979, a USA company owned. Nationally known as the #1 popping candy, "Taste the Explosion". This well-known candy from many generations, brings to you the amazing feeling of holidays in your everyday flavor tasting explosive taste buds into our holiday favorite CANDY CANE flavor. Carry it around, top it to your favorite ice cream, add this nostalgic candy to your favorite desserts recipes. For all generations.

    • Includes 5 packets of our favorite flavor candy cane
    • 1 popping packet is Net WT 0.24 oz. (7g) 
    • Peppermint edition now available thought out the year 
    • a carbonated candy with ingredients including sugar, lactose (milk sugar), corn syrup, and flavoring