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  • Tundra Glass Mug with Infuser & Mint Lid


    Now you can enjoy a hot fresh brewed tea by Tundra glass mug, mint glass mug with infuser, for brewing loose tea at home, and/or office. 100% sustainable, and Eco-friendliness, purchasing a glass product is an organic way of using items that can used over, and over for a very long time without losing its quality. You also, give yourself an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint when purchasing loose tea, less paper, less packaging, and more freshness to your life. Buy mint leaves brewed them on this beautiful mint glass teapot, sip, and enjoy!

    •  350ml capacity
    • Made with borosilicate glass
    • Stainless steel & silicone infuser

    Tundra is a brand "committed to the highest standards of business practices and we regularly have our factories audited to ensure our factory partners uphold all international social standards. As well we work with our international team to help control our Carbon Footprint."- Tundra